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Karlin Villondo Photography

Photos by Nicholas Karlin.

Nicholas Karlin and Clarissa Villondo are editorial, portrait and lifestyle photographers based in Washington, D.C. They especially love food/drink photography and corporate event photography because of the ongoing relationships built with those owners and organizations. They are passionate but practical and believe that modern photo work can still be timeless.

Nicholas is an editorial, portrait and lifestyle photographer. He's the lead photographer for Karlin Villondo Photography. He shoots all of the shots. He's addicted to coffee.  He grows a red beard. He's a staff photographer for Brightest Young Things and the Bentzen Ball. He shot 4+ annual meetings for the World Bank.

Clarissa is the office manager for Karlin Villondo Photography. She handles the behind the scenes work. When she's behind the camera, she shoots food, beer and cocktails. She loves drinking an old fashioned and Stillwater Artisanal. A quarter of her hair is shaved. She shot the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2017.

Nicholas and Clarissa are based out of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. They are available for hire for portraits, editorial work, weddings, events and commercial work worldwide. They are able to meet with clients in the Washington, DC metropolitan area or with clients anywhere via telephone or video chat for photo consultations.



Nicholas Karlin

Clarissa Villondo


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