Bethany + Tony | Engagement Photography at Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, VA by Clarissa Villondo

Bethany and Tony were torn between having a DC wedding and a vineyard wedding. Whenever they're together, a bottle of wine isn't too far away. After all, the two love wine country and Napa! Having the engagement session at a vineyard was a perfect happy medium for them. Plus, it gave them an opportunity to bring Mario their goldendoodle and have a family Steelers photo! (Have we mentioned that we love dogs? Look at little Mario with his Terrible Towel) 

 Bethany and Tony's engagement at Stone Tower Winery 09/17/17. Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin

How did you two meet?

We both attended Kent State University and met while working a summer job. I gave Tony a ride home from work one evening, and he "accidentally" left something in my car so that he had to get my phone number to retrieve... the rest is history.

Who proposed and how?

Tony proposed on a beach in the British Virgin Islands. It was a complete surprise! He suggested a walk on the beach away from our friends. I noticed that he was acting funny -- asking silly, random questions -- and his face was turning a strange combination of red/purple. The next thing I knew he was on his knee with the most beautiful ring asking me to be his wife!

Tell me about the details you're most excited about for your upcoming wedding!

Everything! A beautiful ceremony, celebrating with our favorite people in the world, delicious food, and dancing the night away.

What kind of look where you going for?

Fun, fall, classy

Do you have any tips or advice for other couples about to have engagement photos taken?

Don't wait until the last minute to select your outfits! Have fun during your session. Try to forget the cameras are even there :)

Client Tips to Future Clients | Washington, DC Wedding Photography by Clarissa Villondo

Usually after an engagement session and wedding, we'll ask our clients how their experience with us was and if they have any tips for our future clients. Here are some of their tips for you!

Kristi and Lee Engagement-41.jpg

Kristi + Lee | Annapolis, MD

My first dress was actually a pick from a bunch of coworkers at MGH. I sent them snaps of my outfits and they unanimously decided on the first outfit because it was edgy but also sweet. It was the white lace with the black leather jacket. I incorporated blue into Lee’s first outfit because he’s got these baby blue stunners that really pop when he wears blue.  I chose the second outfits because I really wanted a pop of color – I also had shoes that matched both the dress and Lee’s pants (did anyone actually notice that detail?!)

Have fun with it. We were both a little nervous and we were anticipating a super awkward time and for those reasons, we were going to skip the engagement session altogether. But after seeing this pics, we’re so glad we did them with Nick and Clarissa!!! Just be yourselves – those end up being some of the best pictures! Also, save some conversation topics for your pictures because you’ll do a lot of walking and looking at each other so it’s nice to have something to talk about.

Janet + Jason | Jarrettsville, MD

We wore clothes that we felt most comfortable and ourselves in.  And we tried to match a little, blue and gray. We were trying to look comfortable and appropriate to the scenery, dressed for a short outdoor hike without overly adorned in hiking gear. I also brought a second outfit to try to look a little classier, not sure if I achieved that, but it was fun to have a change in wardrobe.

Wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in.  Try to relax and have fun.  Maybe choose an activity that you both enjoy.  Enjoy the moment.

This was our first and Clarissa and Nicholas’ first time at Rocks State Park.  It was definitely a little cold and windy, which some may argue helped build the romantic atmosphere a little, helping us work through our awkwardness in front of the camera.  Overall we felt comfortable with Clarissa and Nicholas, and we definitely enjoyed the hikes.  We were also very happy that Clarissa and Nicholas were comfortable and willing to do these hikes with us, even with water involved near their expensive equipment!  I think this experience definitely made us all feel more comfortable with each other.  We really loved the candid shots that they’ve captured. 

Paige + Aaron | Towson, MD

To our engagement session, my fiancé and I attempted to recreate the day Aaron proposed. I wore the very same dress that I sewed to fit me, and Aaron wore a very similar outfit as the winter weather was a bit hard to wear the short sleeve button up that he wore on the day he proposed. In fact we took a few photos with the very picnic blanket.

You are in great hands if you have chosen Nick and Clarissa. They made the entire time so relaxing and friendly. We were all in giggles. Our son really bonded with Clarissa, and Nick had us feeling so comfortable even tho he was capturing intimate moments.  The duo captured such wonderful moments that I know we will cherish for years to come.